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Связь времен / Link to the Past

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Это статистика по странам из которых смотрят ваш журнал? Я правильно понял? А за какой период это?

Да только вот включил, 03.08.2010 в 23.53

Думаю такое большое количество народу из-за границы, потому что ваши работы на днях попали на один развлекательный забугорный портал. http://9gag.com/gag/30795/

Хотя в России он тоже достаточно известен

вот это круто)) я на четвертом месте)) с россии пол сотни всего... странно... а вот америка рулит)) интерес просто несравнимый с другими странами.

Sergey, these are great! What a brilliant idea - I'm amazed that I haven't seen this done before, it's so simple (not technically-speaking, I'm sure!) yet wholly compelling. Nice work!


~ S.

Followed a link here from darkroastedblend.com. Amazing journal, brilliant work!

Sergey - these are such amazing photos. For teaching children (or adults even) about history, what a great way to remind them that they may be separated by a substantial helping of time, but often, so very little space. Brings the historical reality a little closer and reminds us how little needs to happen for really bad things to occur. Inspirational idea and beautifully executed. Your perspective is so appreciated. Thanks and regards Anthony Limbrick

Hello - we're interested in making a gallery of your pictures on www.guardian.co.uk. Please let me know if this is OK - thanks

Превосходная работа

Большая работа с составлять 2 фото. Большая работа на вашей части.

Dear Sergey,

I recently came across your photographs via a London photographers’ forum and I think they’re just remarkable. I was wondering if perhaps any of them are for sale, and if so, how much would a print be and could you ship to the UK?

Congratulations on a fabulous set of images.

With best wishes,

Lottie Davies (friday@lottiedavies.com)

Just to congratulate you for your wonderful work Sergey! I'm very impressed by the precision of your assemblies. I would like very much making discover your work to the French Internet users and you dedicate an article on my blog in a section entitled "cities before and after": http://photimages.canalblog.com/archives/des_villes___avant_et_apres/index.html

If you agree, you authorize me to use one or two images to illustrate the article? Beforehand thank you!

I´m an editor at germanys biggest newspaper and we would like to print a few of your pictures...please contact me matthias.bieder@bild.de

Then And Now pictures


Your pictures are mindblowing and give a total new dimension to Then and Now pictures.
Can you share with us what kind of techniques you use?

I'm waiting for the first D-Day pictures in this style


Pieter Bergman

Congratulations from MEXICO! You are very bright and creative. Good work. Continue making this! Thanks.

Found this through B3ta.com.

Absolutely incredible!

Набрел через Гюнтера. Есть подозрения, что статистика по России скоро выровняется:)

Hello Sergey

I am the chief editor of a Danish art magazine. I recently found your work through a Danish web site, and I am very interested in printing some of it in the magazine.

Please contact me on: redaktion@afart.dk

Denis Rivin

Love your work

Keep it up.

Love your work, is it possible to buy prints?

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