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Связь времен / Link to the Past

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Берлин-Прага-Вена спустя 65 лет.

Регулировщица на площади у Бранденбургских ворот.

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Pictures for Brazilian magazine

Dear mr. Larenkov

My name is Karin and I am a journalist in Brazil´s biggest monthly magazine (www.superinteressante.com.br). I came across your work with old photographs and I think this is quite amazing. I would like to know if we could publish some of the pictures in our magazine and how we should proceed.

I hope hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Karin Hueck
Revista Superinteressante
+ 55 11 3037 4602


My name is Patrícia Saraiva, I work at Editora Abril, that is Latin America’s largest publishing company, it publishes six of the ten best-selling titles in Brazil.
One from us Magazine want to publish one of your photos in the next edition. Please could you send me a e-mail to us keeping this contact ?
Thank you

(Deleted comment)
Could you please add an english titel? Thank you! ;)

The traffic controller in the square at the Brandenburg Gate.

Surprise! I didn´t expect such a quick answer. Great!
May I ask, if you could add english titels to the other few photos, underneath, because I love it to know where it is situated. Unfortunately I don´t even can read russian language.
It would be very kind of you.
I saw one photo in a german journal Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and would also like ti know with which program you made the collages, which I find grandiose, because you built a bridge between two points in time.

ваша знакомая Lidia Frolova попросила поставить правильную ссылку на фотографии.
Я это сделала.
Извините, что не сразу, и спасибо за отличные работы.

Hola me gustan tus fotos espectaculares... y seria bueno conocer mas de tu trabajo

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